How to Get Your Team Involved in Corporate Giving

Our Linking Minds’ business model is designed to support charitable giving. As a team that lends our voices for good, we have some unique insights into how to make corporate giving effective. 

Many teams today are committed to social good and including their people in the processes. However, many of these initiatives are like unlimited paid time off or 401K programs, in that associates rarely know how to take advantage of them. Let’s discuss how to change that approach for maximum effectiveness.

Engagement in corporate giving is essential. Many firms stick with the payroll deduction as their go-to for supporting causes. While it might raise funds, from a worker’s perspective, this is less about from-the-heart giving and more akin to a tax item. 

Taking time to volunteer during work seems to be taking off in some parts of the country. This approach can be far more transformational for employees than a matching giving program. By volunteering for a cause, people can learn and grow from the experience. As observed by our Linking Minds team, when we can work together to create social good, it’s also more pleasurable because we can get to know one another.

Corporate giving should be something meaningful if it is to be effective. Follow us on social media platforms for more tips on how to engage people.

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