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Where Real Change
Is Made

Linking Minds is on a mission to shine a meaningful spotlight on the causes we represent. Our office is filled with people who want to change the world. We welcome others with a zeal for making a difference.

For many individuals, the chance to do work that improves communities and does social good seems out of reach. At Linking Minds, that is not the case. We empower people to use their talents and leave an imprint. We offer careers that channel individual passions into work that builds awareness for important causes. Our positive workplace harnesses our energy for supporting the greater good, so we can do work that we are truly proud of.

The Journey That Awaits At Linking Minds


Building A Professional Profile

We serve businesses and charities that are focused on creating the change they want to see in the world. Everyone at Linking Minds shares this mission. From day one, our newest team members are individually mentored through an immersive training program by seasoned professionals that have the right mix of expertise and passion. We impart to our team the basics of creating change through movements. Everyone here gets the chance to grow professionally while contributing to important causes.


Empowering Change

Our mission is clear. Linking Minds is bringing people together to do good. We’re inspired by the work of change innovators and we’re committed to being powerful voices that send messages to communities. We invite others to learn more, showing them how they can lend their voices to these powerful movements, too.


Cohesive Community

Walk into our Linking Minds office and it’s easy to sense our passion for being part of something positive. Our focus comes from the fact that we’re all striving to reach the same goal. These collaborative efforts set a tone for strong bonds to form and are the fuel that powers our support for those we represent. We also celebrate jobs well done. We’re in this together and it shows in all we do.


Professional Development Avenues

A solid professional network can have a profound impact on success. We embrace the attendance of a variety of industry and community events where team members have the opportunity to meet and gain further insight from top leaders in our industry. These exchanges can be instrumental for knowledge transfer as well as building confidence. By connecting with influential individuals, people can accelerate their learning and progress in their own ventures.

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Join Us at Linking Minds

We’re committed to being powerful voices of non-profit organizations to send their messages soaring. Create positive change in the world by joining Linking Minds today.

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